The Ten Commandments of CV Writing

After recently returning home from a three month internship in Prague, it became a priority for me to update my CV. However, it dawned on me that the only time I’ve really sought CV advice was over four years ago, from a careers advisor at university. With the graduate job market being more competitive than ever, I thought it was wise to conduct some research into CV writing.

I began by entering the search term ‘CV’ into Google, which produced 1.38 billion results. Far from ideal. So to save myself a lot of time, I used a combination of broader search terms such as ‘CV writing tips’ and ‘top tips for CV writing’. As I made my way through the search results, I began to see a pattern in what I was reading. Each source was saying something similar to the next one. Having absorbed all of the guidance on CV writing, I decided to compile the most common points into one document to produce The Ten Commandments of CV Writing. Continue reading