That was good, now what?

So you’ve graduated from university, ‘temporarily’ moved back home and you’re thinking, that was good, now what? The temporary move home starts to become more permanent and before you know it, you’ve fallen into the trap that many graduates find themselves in; a lengthening stop-gap. Fortunately for you, I’ve investigated some of the online sources that offer advice to graduates dealing with post-university life and compressed it into something like, bite size chunks.  Continue reading


When the Bubble Bursts

If your graduation celebrations were anything like mine, then you probably pre-planned a week out of your hectic schedule (watching repeats of Jeremy Kyle whilst trawling through online job advertisements) to bask in the glory of student life one last time. After completing my final exam of university in June 2011, and subsequently clinging onto that carefree lifestyle for another two weeks, it felt like I only had one more thing to look forward to; GRADUATIONContinue reading